Advancing Cloud Adoption through Exclusive Industry/IT Dialogue

The IDG/IDC Cloud Leadership Forum isn’t just any cloud event. It’s the place where the industry will set direction and clear out obstacles to market success, while senior IT executives get answers to their most pressing concerns about adopting public, private and hybrid cloud models.

This exclusive event will convene the cloud industry’s most influential vendor executives and senior IT executives from leading companies to examine, debate and decide the issues critical to the success of public and private clouds.

Our esteemed experts, practitioners and industry-leading technology companies will lead lively discussions that:
- Spotlight the most promising immediate and long-term applications of cloud
- Explore the industry and customer partnerships that can accelerate cloud’s adoption
- Close technology gaps, and
- Set the agenda for the evolution of cloud.


cloud mobility Cloud Mobility

Informa Telecoms and Media is proud to announce a brand new, industry changing  event for September 2010, and the firstconference of its kind dedicated purely to the Mobile Cloud

Use of the mobile cloud is set to increase from 42.8 million consumers in 2008 to almost a billion by 2014, jumping from 1.1%to 19% of all mobile phone subscribers*. The emergence of the mobile cloud has huge ramifications for the entire mobile ecosystem, changing the way that developers build apps and how OEMs, ISPs and Operators define app selection and distribution.

The scale of growth of the mobile cloud will force competitors to not only open dialogue but also work together, once again changing the nature of the fluid communications industry.

Our brand new launch event, Cloud Mobility will provide you with the forum in which to learn from and meet with the early pioneers of thisnew era. Through a series of interactive discussions, break-out, in-depth workshops, best practice tutorials and fantastic networkingopportunities, Cloud Mobility will help you determine how to effectively monetise new revenue streams and best educate your consumer with respect to these enormous changes.

* How can you best get your business ready for a move into the Mobile Cloud?
* How is the Mobile Cloud set to change the industry?
* What are the costs of moving into the Mobile Cloud and what sort of revenue
can you expect?
* How can you best educate your customers about the Mobile Cloud?
* What devices will be the most suitable for the Mobile Cloud?
* In what why must developers change to create for the Mobile Cloud?
* Will the Mobile Cloud help solve interoperability?
* What must you do from a legal perspective before moving to the Mobile Cloud?
* What should you take into the Mobile Cloud and what should be left behind?


Dreamforce 2010Dreamforce 2010
It’s time to master the cloud.

It’s time to improve your sales. Sharpen your marketing. Collaborate with your teams and communities. It’s time to delight your customers with great service. Lay the foundation for the changes to come. It’s time for the cloud. And most importantly, it’s time to move.

Because it’s time for Dreamforce.

Where you get all the best practices, networking, inspiration, and training you need to succeed in any environment. All in the clouds at the Dreamforce Global Gathering 2010, the cloud-computing event of the year. Cloud computing is delivering the solutions every business needs to thrive—all with lower costs and faster time to market.

At’s seventh annual user and developer conference, you’ll join 12,000 customers, partners, and employees for four days focused on your success: Maximize your investment in and learn from the best how to use the cloud to stay ahead of the competition.