Training & User Adoption

Education Services
Knowledge Management is the capability for subject matter experts to enable, distribute and access knowledge content quickly, working across your organization. We help develop, manage, delivery content specific to your products, services and procedures to ensure all associates have the appropriate level of training to complete their tasks.

Flexible course design and delivery
Every organization possesses unique content, and training processes, target audiences, sophistication levels, and instructional designs. Our approach recognizes that and enables substantial flexibility within the system for aligning the curriculum to unique organizational attributes.

Support of reusable learning resources
Every piece of knowledge within our service is stored as a reusable learning module--a library of distinct knowledge that can be kept as a resource for subject matter experts and or delivered as independent module or as part of a course curriculum. This enables organizations to gain leverage and consistency of knowledge, while reducing redundant and contradictory knowledge across the enterprise.

Communication and collaboration functions
E-learning is more effective when the student interacts with the technology, a coach/mentor, or other learners. In addition to the self-study modules, our knowledge management system provides the ability for student collaboration, coaching by subject matter experts, and the creation of learning communities. Communication and collaboration are facilitated through resources libraries available to students.

Facilities for content migration
Most companies maintain a body of proprietary knowledge and learning content in a wide variety of file formats – email, documents, web-content, presentations. The ability to rapidly repurpose content for online use can accelerate deployment times and improvement job knowledge and effectiveness of associates. We help your organization keep pace with change and have the benefit of the latest information to adhere to corporate practices and policies – from the enterprise to the department.

With our performance management services, you’ll link and measure employee performance to corporate goals, design programs to incent and reward performance; identify and assess essential knowledge, skills and abilities; and collect and analyze employee feedback. With our learning and development services, you’ll help employees perform to the best of their abilities through leadership development, executive coaching, or “corporate university” development.