Sales Force Automation & Service and Support

Know Your Customer. Grow your Business.
CRM is a disciplined approach to creating a seamless, consistent experience for your customers that spans marketing, sales, and service. CRM is about having interactions with your customers on their terms, in their context, when they choose, while meeting your business goals as well.

Itirio's Customer Relationship Management services help organizations select, design, and execute the right mix of strategies to attract and retain customers, reinforce brand identity, and drive growth, while holding down operational costs. Our CRM services enable our clients to have the greatest impact to their customers and shareholders by ensuring the right investments are selected and realized.

Strategy & Alignment: At Itirio, we help our clients evolve their understanding of the customer, their habits, preferences and values, design interactions to meet these customers where they are, and align and mature the organization to deliver those desired experiences.

   • Customer Analysis, Valuation, and Segmentation
   • CRM Program Goal Setting
   • Customer Experience Visioning
   • CRM Maturity Assessment
   • CRM Adoption Roadmap
   • Customer Service and Support
   • Full Lifecycle Customer Engagement

Marketing Automation
Leverage marketing automation tools to increase brand recognition, generate more leads, measure marketing ROI, track the success of Google AdWords, measure lead performance, and improve lead close ratio. Utilize cloud computing and marketing analytics to drive business performance and increase sales. We work with the leading SaaS tools on the market to help you maximize investment in marketing dollars: 

   • Google Analytics
   • Salesforce Marketing Automation
   • Vertical Response Email List Management
   • HubSpot Social Media Engagement
   • Keyword Grader, Page and Search Optimization
   • Marketing Dashboards & Reports

Customer Service and Support
Today’s customers want faster, more responsive service across many channels from the call center to the social Web. With the Service and Support, you can deliver it all. offers a complete platform for modern customer service, with all the tools and applications you need to amaze your customers and keep your agents productive. And because it all runs online, in the cloud, there’s no need to deal with the expense of infrastructure and headache of software. With the Service & Support, you deliver fast, cost-effective service, and you’re up and running in a matter of weeks. No wonder more than 6,800 service organizations already run on the leader in enterprise cloud computing.

Access Forrester Consulting's Report
Executive Summary: In May 2008, commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by deploying Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support (CSS) software-as-a-service capabilities. Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support, including Salesforce CRM Call Center, Salesforce CRM Customer Portal and Salesforce CRM Knowledge, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that can lower the overall cost of customer service while transforming the way companies build customer loyalty. This study illustrates the financial impact of implementing CSS within the banking products support groups at a global software application and services company. The customer organization serves over 1,200 banking customers in more than 120 countries, including all of the world's top 50 banks. Products and services extend to retail banking, corporate/wholesale banking (including trade finance and payments), and universal banking integrated for financial institutions across the globe.

Leads evolve to customers. Take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate your organization's commitment to your customers. From introduction to every communication point along the way, you have an opportunity to impress, add value and serve your clients to establish a long-term business relationship.